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Chiropractic Treatment Tables For Full Examination & Efficient Spinal Treatment

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Chiropractic is a type of medical help given to patients suffering from spinal problems. It involves the diagnosis and treatment of locomotor system. The main technique used in such treatment involves detection and suggestion of exercises specially designed for spine and other muscles. Chiropractic treatment tables are widely used for such treatments and this is designed for the comfort of the patient and the practitioner. These tables are common in places where a spine manipulation or a massage is required to keep the musculoskeletal system on the right track.

Uses of Chiropractic tables:
Chiropractic Tables are mainly used for patients who lie down for examination or treatment. These tables are efficient because the practitioner can easily examine the patient and is used in the cases that involve:
Full spine manipulation
Therapeutic exercises
Trigger point therapy
Cryotherapy or ice pack therapy
Massages that involve correction of backbone
Neck orientation

All these treatments require one’s body to be placed comfortably, and the chiropractic table provides an optimum solution for it. The patient’s body is in complete rest and so it provides the needed support to the doctor who then examines with full cooperation.

Who can use Chiropractic tables?
Normally a chiropractor helps the patient on the chiropractic table and efficiently works in diagnosing and treating the patient suffering from:

Neck pain
Spinal cord pain
Patients with joint problems
Low back pain
Muscle issues
Pregnant women with pelvic or back pain

These tables can be controlled and easily adjusted and so patients with above reasons can easily get themselves examined and cured. The chiropractic treatment tables provide the required reach of the patient to the practitioner and it can detect the problem and provide steps to follow in order to cure them.

Types of chiropractic tables:
There are many types of chiropractic treatment tables available in the market designed for the comfort of the patients as well as aid proper positioning of patient for effective treatment:

Traditional chiropractic table
NUCCA chiropractic table

Traditional chiropractic table is mainly used in full spinal manipulation and helps to align the vertebra. NUCCA is used for patients where upper cervical techniques are required for top portion of neck or back. Both of them have their individual features and help in all possible ways.

The basic features that almost all types of chiropractic tables contain are listed below. Few additional features also can be added for the patient’s comfort and wellbeing.

Head rest
Available in different colors/ models
Flexion/ distraction angle from 0-45 degrees
Easy fit for patients
Elevation controlled by feet
Handles and pedal kept in reachable positions
Convenient access for doctors
Sturdy steel construction
Low maintenance

These tables are designed for specific purpose and hence right from the headrest to footrest all the accessories are designed by keeping the specific requirement in mind. They are available in various colors and models. The elevation can be controlled by foot and so it is easy for the doctors as it is hassle free. Both the handles and pedals are in reachable positions and the examiner can reach the patient without much hindrance and assistance.

Maintenance and service of chiropractic tables

Chiropractic tables are easy to maintain and if any problem arises then there are many service centers that help in:

Table restoration service
Heritage material used in case of replacements
Spare parts for the table
Oiling whenever required

Chiropractic treatment tables are perfect help to the patients to get back to their own self with the assistance of a practitioner who can give a thorough examination and an efficient treatment. Just go through here and get the efficient treatment with chiropractic treatment tables.

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