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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Stone Fireplace Efficiently

by mike (follow)
From the ancient ages, a fireplace has been the symbol of higher class people. It is an object of comfort and joy. Spending time with friends and family in front of a fireplace is an option that is preferred by many people around the globe. A stone fireplace is the most expensive of the lot; however, its maintenance costs are quite low unlike the ones made of wood. The ambience in the presence of a fireplace is very appealing and soothing be it a wooden fireplace or a marble fireplace or a stone fireplace.

The problem that most individuals face when it comes to a fireplace is cleaning. Cleaning it is a troublesome task especially for fireplaces made of wood or marble as various liquids have a corrosive effect on them. But that’s not the case with stone fire places. There is hardly any cleaning agent that has a corrosive action on them but these can also be corroded if they come in contact with concentrated acids.

Stone Fireplace Surrounds

During winters
Well, the best possible way in which you can keep your fireplace clean is to minimize the accumulation of dirt on your stone fireplace. This can be done by rubbing off the soot after each use. These can be very difficult to handle if allowed to accumulate. Placing a sheet of aluminum under the grate of a fireplace and replacing it after every use will considerably reduce your work because you will no longer need to extensively sweep out the ashes. However, if you don’t have an aluminum sheet around, you can clean the ash with the help of a dustpan and a broom, i.e. the traditional approach of cleaning a fireplace. If you are facing problems removing the soot, the easiest way to deal with this is throwing a bit of salt into the fire so as to get rid of the stains.

Homemade Remedies for cleaning the soot
Well, there are a variety of homemade remedies that you can adopt to remove the soot. You can try out a few but you must know it from before that it’s not necessary for every solution to work. Some individuals spray a bit of water before applying any sort of cleaning agent for better adsorption. However, most individuals prefer scrubbing with a bit of detergent and water. This is preferred as the ingredients required are very easily accessible.

Tri-sodium Phosphate
If all the methods adopted by an individual fail, make a solution of water and tri-sodium phosphate and scrub your stone fireplace with this solution. It is guaranteed that not a single mark will remain. The solution should be such that it must have one cup of tri-sodium phosphate in a gallon of water. This solution in no way should be used on marble or wooden fireplaces as it has a corrosive action on them. It is highly toxic. Hence, one must wear proper gloves and a mask while using it. He or she must also ensure that all the doors and windows are open for proper ventilation. Before using it one must also ensure that all his/ her other furniture’s in close proximity are covered so as to avoid any sort of damage.

The Veterans
It’s obvious that most individuals clean their fire places on their own and that is good to a certain extent as spending money on a stone fireplace on a weekly basis is not recommended. However, it is highly recommended that an individual calls an expert at least once in a year so as to clean his or her fireplace thoroughly and to ensure 100% removal of soot and ash.

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