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Cleaning the Drapery: A Sure Way to Keep Your House Clean

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Drapery Cleaning

Drapery plays an important role in the interior of your house, not only to enhance the appearance and give the interiors a classy, elegant and sophisticated look, but they also ensure the privacy of your home. Draperies can be chosen in accordance with your choice and preference. There is no hard and fast rule in choosing and buying them.

Different Draperies

A rough idea of the draperies to use will assist you when you shop for them. You can use light and airy ones in easy-to-care synthetics which are also easily maintained and kept clean, or you can use the heavier drapery fabric which might require a little more labor in maintaining, but ensure greater privacy and adds a classier look.

Regular Maintenance

Cleaning the draperies depends on the fabric. Maintaining them weekly will leave you free from hassles, and ensure that they are not unbearably dirty when the time for actual cleaning comes. You can use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. Most vacuum cleaners come with an attachment of a soft brush, which are absolutely appropriate for drapes. Sweeping in an up and down motion across the drapery keeps it free from the dust and other allergens.

Before you decide to clean your draperies at home, make sure of the instructions, as there are various draperies which can be cleaned specifically only by professionals. You can proceed after making sure of this. You also need to check out that the fabric is not worn out, damaged or faded due to sunlight, or even if there are pleats on the draperies, the embellishments and trims are not color-fast. However, if the draperies do not indicate that they should be dry-cleaned, you can easily clean them at home.

Steps to assist you in cleaning at home
Removing the draperies from the rods should be done very carefully, without tugging and pulling which might cause harm to the draperies, the rod or even the wall. Taking help from someone can be sensible.
Set aside the hooks or pins after you have removed them, so that they can be used again.
Each panel needs to be washed in a mild detergent with cool water. Using the bathtub instead of the sink for large draperies is a wise decision.
You have an option of using your washer on the ‘GENTLE’ mode to wash them, however, ensure that you do not overload the washer, and use a mild detergent and cold water.
Drying them one at a time and following the instructions while doing this, will be playing it safe. The setting usually is for low heat. But in case there are no instructions you can opt for the ‘no heat’ setting. Heat seems to be the most likely cause of any damage to your draperies. If not too sure about this, you have an alternative of drying your draperies on a clothing line, which is a better and safer option. Only make sure they are not exposed to direct sunlight.
Once the draperies are dried you should remove them immediately and you can iron them very lightly, preferably with a cool iron. For further safety, iron them on the reverse side.
Replace the hooks and pins in order to re- hang them, preferably with assistance from someone.
If you are not able to go through the whole procedure yourself, you can choose professionals who can come to your home and do all the labor, from removing the draperies, to getting them cleaned and re-hanging them. The choice is yours. Cleaning draperies at home requires a lot of time, energy and patience. If you lack in these, it is always wiser to look out for professionals.

If you want to know more about drapery cleaning, please visit here to get some important information.

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