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Commonly Used Garden Tools for Lawn Care

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A garden space or a number of flowering plants and shrubs are the essential garden tools that you will need in order to help you take perfect care of your gardening area.

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Rake: The rake is a basic garden tool that almost anyone with the yard around their area can have at hand. It is especially relevant in places where the trees shed their leaves. During the fall season, the rake will get a big workout, and for this you need to ensure that it is cleaned and well-maintained.

Trimmer: These essential tools are also known as weed-eaters. A trimmer is an upright tool which can be carried around. The trimmer lets you get into areas where the mower cannot access. Trimmers are also great if there are a lot of tall weeds or if there is a need to trim fauna or tall shrubbery in order to prevent the fire. A trimmer is also important if there is a slope on your land and it is almost impossible to use the mower safely.

Mower: In case there is a large amount of grass or lawn lying around your house, it is important to have a mower handy because this keeps the area looking nice and trim. Mowers are handy garden tools that are available in many sizes and these are applicable for a wide range of grounds and lawns. If there is a small stretch of lawn around your house, a small mower which is meant for the lawns will be just fine. If you plan to mow an area where there are a lot of weeds or the ground is uneven, you might opt for a mower that is more powerful and has larger wheels for better stability and traction.

Pruners: These garden tools are operated by hand. These are used to cut flowers, bushes or a number of other objects in your garden. You may even use a pruner to pick fruits from the fruit trees such as plums, cherries, lemons, figs, apricots, oranges or anything else. These tools are important for any kind of garden, whether it is big or you have a small yard.

Hose Sprinkler: If you have a home, you will have water spigots around. You may include a hose with a sprinkler to any spigot and walk around with it for watering any of your trees, plants or lawn. You can even use the hose to wash the sidewalk, your car, outdoor furniture and the paths. The hose sprinkler can prove to be a useful tool for a number of reasons.

Shovels: Do not forget the shovel. You need a big shovel and a small shovel. A shovel has many uses, right from digging new holes turning up the garden soil. It is absolutely essential for all homeowners to have a shovel among their garden tools.

Hedge Trimmer: Hedge trimmers are of various types. Basically, there are two types that are regularly used, and that is manual and electric trimmers. The type of trimmer that you want to go for really depends on the type of hedge that you have. If there is no hedge at all, you will not need this tool. If there is a long or tall hedge in your yard, you need to invest in an electric hedger as it will make the hedge look good with just little effort. If there are just a few bushes or there is a small edge, a manual trimmer will do.

Choose from the different kinds of garden tools that your home needs and give a new lease of life to your lawn.
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