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Essential Glass Pool Fencing Features You Need to Know

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Having a beautiful swimming pool in home is a thing of extreme pride for any homeowner. However, it also demands a lot of responsibility. Precisely, it is not just enough to plan for a swimming pool installation project. You must also take note of several other factors, in this context. Safety is a prime issue of concern while taking up swimming pool projects. Especially, with some of the trending pool designs, it becomes fairly tough to locate the existence of a swimming pool until somebody is in the closest proximity to it. Therefore, proper barricading and fencing turns out to be one of the prime requisites here. And what better than glass pool fencing can offer you that.

Glass Pool Fencing

Knowing the incredible features

Glass fencing around your swimming pool is a great way of combining aesthetics with safety. There are some highly crucial aspects about glass fencing that you need to know, to take your fencing project to great heights.

Quite unlike their traditional counterparts available in the market, glass pool fences are devoid of any hinges and joints. Rather, they happen to be a series of seamless glass panels.

The glass panes used in these fences are of the superior quality standards. Moreover, there are no sharp and rough edges. Quite inevitably, the presence of smooth edges and polished glass surface offer safety coupled with elegance.

The only parts connecting the glass panes with ground are steel hinges. And they are quite durable and anti-corrosive in nature.

Offering perfect view of outdoors

Glass Pool Fencing

Of late, there has been an upsurge in the popularity of glass pool fencing. And there are quite a few reasons behind this unsurpassed fame of the glass fences. Firstly, this unique type of fencing complements the beauty of your swimming pool and does not hinder it. Because of the transparent nature of the glass panes, it becomes quite easy for the guests to savor the beauty of your pool and its surroundings. Secondly, it ensures great benefits for swimmers as well. They get to have a look at the beautiful yard or the foliage in it while swimming in the pool. Finally, transparent glass panes offer you a perfect view of your kids while they are in waters, thus leaving you with precious little to worry about their safety.

Manner of installation

Installation is a major part of the entire glass fencing project. You will need to develop an idea of the various styles of fencing, as it is critical to the safety of your little ones.

Glass fencing installation does not require enormous efforts from your end. Additionally, these fences can be installed in your existing home flooring, thus saving you the cost of additional flooring installation. Depending upon your home flooring, you just need to choose the exact fixing mechanism.

Spigot fixed: High-quality steel spigots, are hinged to the floor surface.

Button-fixed: The mechanism for bolting glass panels deep down the ground.

Slot-fixed: Fixes the glass panes in a way that makes it emerge from underground.

Glass Pool Fencing

Easy maintenance and cleaning

Another crucial aspect worth knowing is their maintenance. In this type of fencing the glass panes require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them off with clear water and regular liquid detergents. Steer clear of using rough scrubbers and that will be enough. Quite inevitably, this particular aspect makes the glass fences a cost-effective option too. Moreover, these fences are quite sturdy and strong, despite their delicate appearance. The glass panels used in this type of fencing is known as the toughened glass and possesses a great force withstanding capacity. Even if there are strong winds, these panes will stand erect.

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