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Facts that you’re Cat Sitter Should Be Aware Of

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Cat Sitter Melbourne

When you hire a cat sitter, you normally pick someone who is familiar with pets or is known to your darling. Remember that cats are the kind of pets that love and enjoy all the attention they can get. Their cuteness helps them draw attention and their cuddly nature makes them more adorable. But often times, the grown up cats do not get as much consideration as they did get when they were charming little kittens. And if you are leaving them behind for a few days, then they do get irritated.

This makes them try alternate means of getting noticed; unfortunately these means are mostly destructive and annoying to the owners. As cat sitters one must understand that a change in behavior in your pet has its own causes. So instead of getting irritated and ignoring your pet, it is important to understand the issues and deal with them in the best possible and patient manner.

The behavioral issues in pet cats, when their owners are not around can be due to one or more of the following factors:

• Medical issues:

If the cat displays sudden aggression and change in behavior, it has most likely out grown directly from some sort of medical illness. Unlike humans, pets cannot directly express their pain and problems because of which it may go unnoticed. But a change in its actions and manners is your cat’s way of expressing its grievance. Thus if cat sitters face such a scenario, you must at once take your cat to a vet. Only an expert will be able to diagnose and cure its illness.

• Social issues:

Your cat understands and feels more than a cat sitter can imagine. A change in social surrounding is immediately sensed by your pet. Introduction of one or more new pets, an increase or decrease in the number of family members, reduction in the time spent with your pet and like issues make your cat feels insecure and provoke her to resort to destructive means to draw attention to it.

• Environmental issues:

Cats are very sensitive creatures hence having a cat sitter rather than their owners is a change that they might find hard to accept. They enjoy and are comfortable in their regular environment and routine lifestyle. A change in the surroundings such as owners shifting to a new house or new city, reshuffling of the furniture, remodeling the house, lack of outdoor activities and exercise, cat tree or house that got destroyed but has not been replaced and others are factors that directly influence your pet’s behavior. They affect them and in response they exhibit changes in regular behavior.

Here are some tippers that might help the cat sitter-

• If the owner is going away for a few days, it makes sense to get acquainted with the animal a couple of times. This will reduce any kind of feeling of aggression or resentment that the pet might have.
• Be aware of the medical history of the cat along with food habits and similar changes. The cat sitter being aware of these woes sure helps.
• Play with the cat and keep it busy on and off. Though attention span of cats may be limited, it is vital that you spend some playing time with them, especially if you are going to be around for a few days.
• Last but not the least, as a cat sitter you should remember that this is an animal. In case of extremely aggressive attitude or sudden change, it is better to not offend the animal and give it some space. With love and warmth, things should be back on track.

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