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Give Your Home a Futuristic appeal, With LED Strip Lighting

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LED strip lighting is one of the most popular options, when it comes to choosing new-age lighting materials for homes and offices. In fact, in many shops, shopping arcades and even in parlors and spas, this type of chain lighting is used. These light strips are not just colorful, but they can also help you a lot to save on your electricity bills. It is basically built from solid-state technology so all the elements that are used to produce the light are carefully encased by a solid material.

The Technology Behind the Light
The solid-state lighting technology also ensures that the brightness and warmth of the light is not affected by any shock or vibrations.
Many research and advancements are being made in this technology to make the lights much better. The durable and flexible nature also ensures that it can be controlled and programmed easily.
LED strip lighting is more popular than fluorescent, halogens and other incandescent lights.
You will find a wide range of varieties in these strip lights so you need to look at and the measurement of the chains and the area to be covered, to make sure that you know which one is right for your home. Mostly the type of led strip lighting that you require is determined by its usage.

Various shades and colors:
It is best to use the coated strip lights for the bathrooms as they are all waterproof in nature but if you are searching for something for your walkways then you need the aluminum panel light strips. There are various other types of led strip lighting like encased flexible strips or ropes, non-encased flexible strip lighting or ribbons, aluminum light strips, self-adhesive light strip, and rigid light strips or LED light bars. Most people check for the length and how many numbers of LEDs present in the strip.

LED strip lighting used at different places
You should always go for the strips that have the highest number of LEDs per meter. Another thing that affects the quality of light in the strip is the placing of the lights. Too much space between the lights can give rise to a spot like lighting and not a clean line. The brightness of the strips also depends on its usage as the lumens vary with each and every strip. Normally if the purpose is accent lighting then you do not need a bright light and 150-250 lumens are enough.

The color options are numerous, and they do not pollute the environment: In case you want a under cabinet or under couch lighting then the right number of lumens is 175-550 as you need the light to be really bright.
The best thing about the strips is that they are not only available in a wide range of colors but some of the strips are even capable of changing the colors.
The non-addressable strip lights are easy to install and will produce only one type of light whereas the non-addressable RGB strips are capable of displaying Red-Green-Blue color.
Another advantage of the LED strip lighting is that, they do not emit carbon footprints, and hence, they do not pollute the environment. Also, the amount of ultraviolet emission is nil, as compared to the incandescent or halogen lamps.

Change The Temperature
The color temperature is also important while buying any LED strip so if you want the light to appear warmer then you need to choose something that has a low Kelvin. High Kelvin rates are required if you are using the strip for reading purposes, outdoors, bathrooms, kitchens and hallway. A soft and low Kelvin light is perfect for the living rooms and bedrooms.

You will even find some LED strip lights that have adjustable temperatures and those which have color changing options from soft daylight to warm blue night light.
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