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Give Your Structure an Unique Look with Commercial Stairs

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A staircase is more than a flight of steps that can help you change levels. With modern technology and innovative architectural designs, staircases have become important parts of structures. Especially when it comes to the commercial sector, staircases form an important part of the façade and the décor to create the right impression. The look, design and the material with which the staircase is made, all are important factors which decide about the beauty of the interior. Small steps. Glass stairs with steel balustrades or else, wooden stairs or even commercial stairs made with timber planks- all are different varieties of commercial stairs.

Features of Commercial stairs
When you construct a commercial property, you can consult the builder about the commercial stairs, or else, you can even choose and customize designs from home improvement catalogues. Along with space, the designers must also make the commercial stairs durable as they must bear a lump some weight.
The spiral stairs are one of the most popular among the different structural designs as they offer the possibility of more space utilization. They can used with all kinds of settings and façades as the can be molded to different finish with the accompanying material.
The spiral commercial stairs can be made of glass, stainless steel, wood or even concrete. In case of glass, the central column is made of stainless steel with glass treads that can have either angular, rounded edges or those that can be adjusted to the shape of the wall as required.
In case of concrete spiral staircases, the concrete treads are attached to the central steel column and the ends guarder with railings that can be made of a variety of material. Durable as it is, the cold concrete can add the extra dose of design when mixed with marble dust gives the sleek look that can be combined with any type of front look.
The classical wooden spiral stairs can be used innovatively with the modern décor and it is not just durable, but it is also easy to clean and maintain.

The floating staircases or a more elegant look:

There are many organizations who order for special combination packages for commercial stairs, handrails and balustrades to enhance the look of their property. These too can be made of glass, concrete, wood or metals and the floating look is achieved with the help of hidden structural support or glass structures.
The helically designed staircase when built with clear specifications can look like a piece of art within a commercial establishment. Built out of glass, concrete or wood with a combination of railing and tread material, these staircases can be difficult to build especially when they have glass railings.
The zigzag style is of course, the most common design that most establishments have. They give a clean look to the surroundings and can be combined with other railing materials to create of modern straight line finish. You can also include LEDs in the staircase, depending on your budget and the space utility that is required.
Apart from these accepted designs, you will also come across the specially designed staircases that are made for the special-effect in a commercial establishment such as a club, a pub or a discotheque or any themed commercial use space.

Most of these commercial stairs require the work of fine engineering and precision. There are different types of floor plans that have to be kept in mind while designing these stairs. While a large open floor plan will warrant one kind of specification, where there is space constrains, you will have to use other designs. You can find out here and compare the prices from different websites which deal in commercial staircases.

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