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Hop Onto Your Own Ride on Lawn Mower for a Clean, Green Space

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A house with a spacious, lush green lawn – Surely, most of us aspire to live in such a place. A healthy lawn always brings peace to our mind and increases the aesthetic appeal of the home. Lawn must be mowed regularly in order to remain healthy. This increases the value of home too.

Ride On Lawn Mowers Melbourne

Why do you require ride on lawn mowers?
Un-mown and unkempt lawns are an open invite to insects, reptiles and diseases. In order to avoid this, we need to trip the grass at regular intervals. If it is a small patch of garden, manual mower or hand driven lawn mowers are best suited. However, for a golf club or large grassland nearing half an acre a ride on lawn mower is best suited.

How do I choose the right ride on lawn mower?
There are various types of ride on lawn mowers that are available in the market today. They are powered through electricity or petrol. Then there are automatic or geared ride on lawn mowers. There are rear engine lawn mowers and the most advanced Z-turn ride on lawn mowers that have a zero turning radius.

The choice of ride on lawn mower mainly depends on the size and terrain of the grasslands to be trimmed. If the grasslands have many trees or obstacles then automatic transmission ride on lawn mowers are best suited because it is easier to change speeds without having to change gears. Though the speed of rear engine lawnmowers isn’t great, they are best suited for hilly terrains as they have good grip. Z-turn ride on lawn mowers are best suited for large flat grasslands as they have great speed and power.

You might also pay attention to the engine power and fuel consumption of the ride on lawn mowers while choosing them. A powerful engine equates to less noise while driving.

What are the attachments that I get to hook on to the ride on lawn mowers?
Ride on lawn mowers is not just about trimming lawns these days. Present day lawn mowers are sleeker, powerful and can multi task. There are many attachments available which make this multitasking feasible.

Snow blower attachment - This helpful attachment to the ride on lawn mowers is used to remove the snow from driveway or lawns in the houses in cold countries.
Sweeper - This attachment helps to sweep the debris collected in the lawn like dried leaves, twigs and more importantly the grass clippings.
Dumpcarts: As the name suggests this helps to move the debris out of the lawn.
Sprayers & Spreaders: This helps to spray fertilizers or pesticides on the lawn to keep them healthy.

What are the safety considerations for using ride on lawn mowers?
Many minor and few major accidents are reported while using ride on lawn mowers. A few basic safety steps will ensure minimal of such incidents
Always use earplugs while driving the lawn mowers. The noise from the engine is above the permissible decibel level for human ear. Constant exposure to it might result in hearing impairment.
Always wear an eye shield. The cut grass clippings or the snowflakes thrown at a high speed might injure the eyes.
It is best to mow during the day when the grass is dry especially on a hilly lawn.
Do not leave the ride on lawn mowers unattended with the children, it is not a toy and the sharp blades can cause serious injuries.
The ride on lawn mowers engine can become very hot and it is not advisable to come in direct contact.

Do you know that in countries like Australia, UK and US lawn mower racing competitions are conducted every year? That’s an added benefit to buy your own ride on lawn mower. Isn’t it?
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