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How to Choose Gas Log Fire Heaters

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Traditionally, installing a fireplace at home used to be a pretty tedious job, not to mention expensive. However, with modern gas log fire heaters, getting a warm, cozy place to spend your winter evenings has gotten a whole lot easier.

Gas Log Fire Heaters

Types of gas log fire heaters:

Unless you are building a brand new home, installing an all-wood fireplace is probably a bad idea. It would require a whole lot of repair and reconstruction work. This is the reason why prefabricated gas log fire heaters come in really handy. They come with prefabricated components that can be easily installed, and you can have a gas log fireplace ready within a short span of time.

There are two types of prefabricated gas log fire heaters available:

1. Built-in units:- These look very similar to traditional fireplaces, and these are also a great option if you want to give your home an authentic feel.

2. Freestanding units:- These are more lightweight compared to built-in units, and also a lot easier to install.

Why gas logs are a good idea:

If you are a purist, you are probably hung on the idea of getting a wood-burning fireplace. However, unless you live really close to a forested area, finding dry firewood every week or so can get really tedious. Moreover, wood can be messy, and pose a fire risk as well.

Gas logs are much more convenient option, and here is why:

They are stress-free to install
They do not need any repairs
They come in a variety of aesthetic styles
They do not pose any fire risk

Gas Log Fire Heaters

Kinds of gas logs

When you choose to get a gas log fire heater, you would also need to decide what kind of gas logs to have. There are two kinds of gas logs available in the market: vent, and vent free.

Vent gas logs:- These simulate the burning of wood, and give you that roaring fire effect. However, in terms of efficiency, they are probably not very good. Much of the heat generated through them goes up the chimney, which means you would need to use more gas logs.

Vent free gas logs:- While in terms of aesthetics these are nowhere close to actual wood burning, they do offer certain substantial benefits. For starters, all the heat generated through them stays inside. Thus, they do a much better job of keeping your place warm. Second, vent-free gas log fire heaters come with thermostatic control that helps you maintain moisture in a room.

So which one should you purchase?

The most important factor when choosing between vent and vent free gas logs is your building codes. Some buildings don’t allow vent-free gas logs in bedrooms or bathrooms. Further, vent-free gas logs should only be installed in rooms where there is proper ventilation, and where these are away from the source of wind.

Natural gas against liquid propane

Gas log fire heaters are also differentiated according to the type of fuel they use. While liquid propane is three times hotter than natural gas, it is also more expensive, and contains more carbon.

Natural gas on the other hand is a lot lighter and less expensive, although it is not as hot as liquid propane. If you can for the environment though, and your pocket too, gas log fire heaters that use natural gas are your best bet. They are a lot easier to install too. However, before buying a natural gas log, check if natural gas is available in your neighborhood. If it is not, the liquid propane variety is your only choice. Click here for know more about gas log fire heaters.

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