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Know About Sub Arc Welding and Its Benefits Related to Pole Fabrication

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The process of welding is many decades old, and with the passage of time, new methods of welding has been developed. One such method is the submerged arc welding method, which is being widely used these days. In the process of submerged arc welding, the weld as well as the arc region is submerged under a layer of flux, which can be magnesium oxide, lime, calcium fluoride, silica, etc. Sub Arc welding is a fabrication process which is mainly used for the iron and stainless steel products. This is a highly effective tool which makes the joining of different raw metals, and people are used to design different street light poles, banner poles and other street poles with these electrode wide and welding flux.

Sub Arc Welding
Sub Arc Welding : Image by shutterstock

So, what is the purpose of flux here?

Well, during the process of welding the flux material turns out to be conductive in nature during its liquid state. Now, this molten material creates a path for the electric current to pass between the workspace and the electrode. The other major role of the flux is to prevent sparks and spatter. In addition, the flux also protects the technician from the harmful UV lights and fumes which are generated during the process of sub arc welding.

As a matter of fact, the flux is normally supplied to the main equipment through a small hopper. When it comes to talking about the applications of submerged arc welding, there are many that can be mentioned.

But, the use of this welding process for manufacturing street poles is catching up speed these days. There are numerous reasons that make submerged arc welding process quite apt for the production of street poles.

Advantages of sub arc welding for street pole

Ease of use- When compared to other methods of welding for the fabrication of steel poles, the submerged arc welding method offers much more flexibility. No heavy preparations are needed to get the work done here. As a result, fabricated street poles can be churned out more swiftly.

Sub Arc Welding
Sub Arc Welding : Image by shutterstock

Speed and deposition- As a matter of fact, the speed at which street poles can be fabricated with this method of welding can be around 5 meters per minute or 16 feet per minute. This figure is for the street poles feature average thickness of metal sheet. On the other hand, 45 kgs per hour of deposition can be achieved, which is really impressive. Considering the huge requirements of street poles, the method of submerged arc welding is definitely the most feasible option in the industry.

Durability- Street poles have to be durable and tough as well. They should have the capacity to withstand the harsh weather conditions. In case the welding quality is not good enough, the poles will not be able to serve much time on the streets.

Finish quality- The ductility and strength rendered by the sub arc welding process are the two main reasons that make the fabricated poles more apt for the streets.

Flexibility- Street poles can be of different length and thickness. The submerged arc welding machines can work on a wide range of thickness without any kind of hassle. Through this process, the fabricator can easily install the street poles. and they can also install the additional attachments for the safety and security of these poles.

Sub Arc Welding System : Image by shutterstock

Apart from street poles, this method of sub arc welding is being widely used for fabricating other types of poles as well, such as traffic signal poles, banner poles, octagonal poles, tapered round poles, and many more. When hiring a company that offers pole fabrication services through submerged arc welding method, you must take into consideration the aspect of experience and reputation.

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